Union of the Ukrainian Jewish Students

Literature & Writing

Today, studies entering Ukrainian universities can agree on taking optional subjects as a lecture pass. This type of privilege is extended to students who participate in regional events by way of writing essays and lecture diaries. Some of these events will possibly include guest lectures, public doctoral dissertation assessments by Ukrainian universities, conferences and seminars. In order for students to get permission to engage in such events, it is necessary to consult the correlating lecture pass instructor in advance.

The study levels included in a lecture pass reference 1-5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits. Some intermediate and optional basic studies qualify for lecture pass. The substitution, however, should be accepted by the lecturer in command. An exclusive ECTS credit is the same as 27 work hours. For instance, 5 lectures of a minimum 1.5 hours each and a two-sheet lecture diary for each lecture are also substitutable to an individual ECTS credit.

Those with the interest of writing an essay about a particular theme obtained in a previous lecture pass can agree on the number of ECTS credits and scope of the essay the present lecturer will approve. In order to get accepted at reputable Ukrainian universities offering literature and writing lecture passes, students should complete all the requirements appropriately.

The lecturer for each lecture pass subject will enter the corresponding ECTS lecture pass credits in the register after examining the entries thoroughly, and then confirms by inserting his or her signature. Once students complete all the literature exams and lecture courses, the university will be able to provide relevant information regarding performance in approximately one month after receipt of entries, and candidates review the published information for the results.

Universities all over the Ukraine, including top performing universities develop a wide range of study modules for students, and this is usually a part of each course. The modules are also applicable to other studies, depending on the requirements. A dedicated department at the university handles the criteria for this reference, so students interested can query with correlating universities in Ukraine that offer literature and writing studies to understand if the option is available.

By including these modules, students have the privilege to increase their number of credits with the intention of qualifying for other subjects of choice. The option is mandatory at some universities, while others enable students to decide on participating. When entering universities, it is pertinent to consider these options to improve overall performance.