Union of the Ukrainian Jewish Students

Biology & Chemistry

When enrolling at Ukrainian universities with the aim of pursuing Chemistry and Biology studies, it is necessary that students pick out the most excellent institution to meet such goals. In view of the high literacy rate in Ukraine, the appraisal rendered is because of the well-organized educational system. Over the years, the academic advancements progression in universities has demonstrated competency in some areas. Students with an intention of excelling academically will possibly get selected to attend top universities, depending on performance and Ukrainian high schools assure that scholars receive proper education, so as to meet academic standards of prominent universities.


Among the preferred Ukrainian universities, which are highly recommended for Chemistry and Biology studies is the reputable UzhNU (Uzhhorod National University), departing from the Soviet Union engagement to become one of Ukraine’s major universities. According to pertinent facts, this potentially influential university gained recognition on October 18, 1945, under the ordinance of the CCCPU (Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukrainian SSR) and the CPCU (Council of People’s Commissars of Ukrainian SSR).


The solution acknowledged the following: “because of substantial demands about cultural education in Transcarpatian Ukraine, the CCCPU, CPCU and the CTU (Council of Transcarpatian Ukraine, the university became a vital resource center for the Ukrainian society. In particular, faculties including medicine, history, biology and philology as the first preparatory courses offered to students.


As time progressed, necessary curriculum improvements were pursued, including subject categories like the inclusion of Chemistry. Further expansions enabled the institution to meet higher academic excellence in relevant areas and as such, citizens of the Ukraine choose this particular university to enable progression of the younger generation with the aim of improving quality academics.


This university today is known for the many achievements realized and has gained help from fifty of the most powerful academic institutions/universities in Ukraine. The university now governs a total of nineteen faculties: social sciences, chemistry, engineering, history, biology, physical education/sport, pre-university preparation, post-diploma education, medicine, physics, law, economics, philology, international relations, Romano-Germanic philology, mathematics, stomatology, geography and Hungarian studies. Considering the wide choice of study categories students can decide on, the organization is particularly one of the best recommended for scholars with the interest of studying advance Chemistry and Biology.


Ukrainian universities offer students the opportunity to study Biology and Chemistry at advanced levels. More often than not, Ukrainian universities offer both subjects as optional courses, and many students usually choose to pursue these subject areas.